The Tower of Our Lady, a jewel amongst Dutch towers, was built in the 15th century. There are two carillons placed in the tower; something unique in the world.

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Hemony Carillon
35 bellsSDC17681 hemony klavier: c1 (=cis1) - d1 - e1 - chrom. - c4
meantone tuning
‘breech’-transmission system
17th century Dutch keyboard

SDC17670 hemony beiaardThis is the old carillon of Amersfoort, cast between 1659 and 1664 by François Hemony. In the highest octave, there is one bell cast by Pieter Hemony (1674), one by Melchior de Haze (ca. 1690) and the three smallest by J.A. de Grave (1725). Eijsbouts added two bells - f♯, g♯ - (1953).

In 1995-1996, the carillon was restored by Petit and Fritsen. The bells were hung in their original place – at the east window of the lantern. The clappers, action and keyboard are reconstructions of those of the 17th century.

SDC17685 eijsboutsklavierEijsbouts Carillon
58 bells: Bb 0 (Bb 0) - chrom. - g5
equal temperament
direct ‘rol’-tumblers
standard European keyboard

In 1997, after the restoration of the Hemony Carillon, Eijsbouts built a modern carillon in the middle of the lantern. The bells have a profile taken from thaSDC17674 eijsbouts beiaardt of English bell-founders of the beginning of the 20th century. The inner temperament is ‘pure’, the outer somewhat stretched.
A modern playing system was developed, using direct tumblers in the form of rotating discs. The range and sound character make it suitable for the romantic and modern repertoire from Europe and the United States.



The carillons in the Tower of Our Lady are played every

  • Thursday (20.00-21.00 hrs.)
  • Friday (10.00-11.00 hrs.)
  • Saturday (13.00-14.00 and 16.00-17.00 hrs.)

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